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    Mormons, Merlot & The Utah Liquor Monopoly

    was created to expose a tired system that’s unfair and unjust and run by a government incapable of recognizing its citizens' rights. The book includes narratives on wine, winemakers, liquor laws, politics, the realities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, state legislature, and its relation to controlling alcohol. Particular content details the unprofessional, inept, and corrupt dealings of the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

    Finally, the book proves the state violates its constitution by operating a monopoly and separation of church and state principles and laws of the United States of America.

    10% of book profits will be used for privatization initiatives.

    can you say MONOPOLY?

    if they stand behind you PROTECT THEMIf they stand beside you RESPECT THEMif they stand against you DEFEAT THEM.” 



    • We live in a day and age when concepts and stories are repeated over and over with a slightly different spin. These stories have never been told, and countless others lie buried in the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control's unsavory past. The government’s feeble attempt at buying and selling alcohol is one of Utah’s biggest failures.
      A failure that violates antitrust laws through the conspiracy of restraint over a legal product, alienating outside business interests, and essentially enacting tariffs upon its citizens. The taxes on every bottle, box, and can sold through the Utah DABC pay for a system that is rife with partiality, corruption, accountability, and an immeasurable lack of competence. 
      It’s time to change the liquor laws in the state of Utah, old antiquated liquor laws not representative of the modern era.  


    •  As with any author, selling as many books as possible is the end goal. However, my book involves an alternative cause. 10% of the profits from every book sold will be used in the battle for alcohol privatization in Utah. Call it “tithing against religious and political tyranny” donated on your behalf by
      the author. An additional 10% will be donated to the Utah hospitality industry affected by Covid-19.


    • Over 562,000 people voted for legalized medical marijuana during the 2018 general election. That said, I believe the imbibing public is sick and tired of putting up with a bunch of religious zealots overseeing a product they know nothing about other than their faith shuns it. 

    • Furthermore, I believe there are millions of countrymen and women outside of Utah willing to enlist and ally in a “Falanghina for Freedom.” 

    • Join in the battle for privatizing alcohol in Utah. Buy a book, patch, or sticker, and share the website information with like-minded citizens. Make a declaration and stand up for
      your rights.

    can you say MONOPOLY?

    SF 4x4_final art-01.png

    Spartacus 4" sticker 

    "I Am Spartacus" magnet

    SF 11.5x3_final magnet art.png
    Wine, liberty, justice, and power to the people!
    ~ Spartacus Falanghina


    The name Spartacus refers to an ancient Thracian slave who revolted and led an uprising against the imperious Roman government, much like the Utah state legislature. 

    Falanghina is a native grape grown in Campania that grows in tightly formed clusters overlapping to form a barrier or shield. The word is derived from phalanx, meaning “a group of people or things of a similar type forming a compact body," much like the army it will take to accomplish privatization.

    By purchasing the book, each person fuels the cause, funds initiatives, and assumes the moniker Spartacus Falanghina.

    Are you Spartacus?

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